Corniglia to Vernazza

SVA2 / Blue Trail
3.2 km / 2 miles
1-1.5 hours max
220 meters / 720 ft

Corniglia Vernazza

Cost: Paid (You’ll need to purchase the Cinque Terre Card)

Trailhead if you start from Vernazza:

Going down the main street in Vernazza, you’ll see the pharmacy (green cross) on your left. The trail starts at the staircase right next to that pharmacy.

Trailhead if you start from Corniglia:

From the train station in Corniglia, take the bus or walk up the 400 steps to the village. When you arrive, you’ll see the historical center to your left, but take the road directly in front of you You’ll see the ticket check point on your left.

START EARLY – Trails are narrow and can easily get crowded.
(Plus, the views are stunning, so the less people there are, the better photos you can take)
It might be a little bit easier going from Corniglia to Vernazza , but it’s all up and down, so I don’t think it makes much difference.

This trail itself is well marked, but to find the trailhead, always look for the red and white stripes.

There’s a bar at the halfway point of the trail, where you can recharge. 

Don’t forget water, hat and sunscreen

Be sure to wear footwear with grip, as trails are uneven.

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